Understanding tooth size perception

Many people wonder why their two upper front teeth, known as the central incisors, appear larger than the rest of their teeth. While genetics play a role in tooth size, there are other factors that can make the upper front teeth look disproportionately big.

The size perception of the upper incisors is influenced by:

Tooth length

The upper central incisors are often longer than the neighboring teeth. Their elongated shape attracts attention and makes them look more prominent.

Tooth width

Front teeth that are wider than the surrounding teeth will appear larger and more noticeable.

Gum line height

A “gummy smile,” where more of the tooth crown is revealed due to high gum lines, can accentuate the visible length of the front teeth.

Smile line

A high upper lip line when smiling exposes more of the upper teeth and can draw attention to the front incisors.

Dental causes of enlarged-looking front teeth

Dental Causes of Enlarged Front Teeth

While perceptions play a role, there are some valid dental reasons why the upper front teeth may be oversized:


Tooth size is hereditary. Some people naturally have larger or smaller teeth than average. Larger upper central incisors can run in families.


Also called an overbite, this refers to upper teeth that extend out farther than the lower teeth. The exaggerated projection makes the front top teeth look bigger.


Gaps between the upper front teeth emphasize the width of each tooth. Closing space with orthodontics can reduce the perceived width.

Dental restoration

Large fillings, veneers, crowns, or bonding on the central incisors can increase their size. A disproportionately wide dental restoration will make a front tooth appear oversized.

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Impacts of enlarged upper front teeth

Oversized central incisors can negatively impact smile aesthetics and self-esteem. The upper front six teeth are prominently displayed when smiling and their size strongly influences facial appearance.

Potential consequences of enlarged upper front teeth include:

  • Asymmetric smile
  • Too much “toothiness”
  • Altered tooth-to-lip proportions
  • Less attractive smile
  • Reduced confidence and satisfaction with smile

Enlarged central incisors often motivate patients to seek cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve their smile.

Cosmetic solutions

Cosmetic Solutions

There are several approaches to making oversized front teeth appear proportionate:

Tooth contouring

Removing a small amount of enamel from the teeth edges can slim wide front teeth.

Dental bonding

Bonding material applied to the tooth center can mask excess length and width.

Veneers and crowns

Veneers and crowns are custom-made covers that can reshape, resize, and reorient front teeth.


Braces and clear aligners can close gaps, correct overjet, and align the bite to make front teeth less prominent.

Cosmetic dentistry options should be tailored to each patient’s unique tooth size, shape, and alignment. A smile makeover consultation is needed to determine the optimal treatment plan.

Maintaining proportionate tooth size

Once cosmetic adjustments are made, there are steps you can take to keep your front teeth looking balanced:

  • Wear a nightguard if you grind your teeth
  • Get any restorations replaced before they get oversized
  • Continue wearing retainers as directed after orthodontic treatment
  • See your dentist regularly for exams to stay ahead of any problems

With proper dental care and cosmetic treatments if desired, you can achieve a smile with beautifully proportioned front teeth.

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Comparison of Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Treatment Pros Cons
Tooth Contouring Less invasive, preserves more natural tooth Limited correction, some enamel removed
Dental Bonding Quick, easy, affordable Not as durable, needs replacement
Veneers Dramatic improvement, very durable More invasive, higher cost
Orthodontics Addresses underlying alignment issues Long treatment, lower aesthetic impact

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes front teeth look bigger naturally?

The two main reasons front teeth can look larger are their actual size due to genetics and their apparent size due to factors like longer visible tooth length and gaps between teeth. Wider or longer front teeth attract more attention.

Can my orthodontist fix oversized front teeth?

Yes, orthodontic treatment is an effective way to make oversized front teeth look proportionate. Moving the teeth with braces can close gaps, align uneven teeth, and correct overjet. This can reduce the perceived size.

Do veneers make your front teeth look bigger?

Veneers can make front teeth appear bigger if they are made overly wide or long. However, veneers are usually designed to improve proportionality, not exaggerate size. A skilled cosmetic dentist will ensure veneers fit harmoniously with your existing teeth.

Can I fix an asymmetric front tooth with bonding?

Dental bonding is an excellent way to mask asymmetry and make one front tooth match the other. The bonding material can be layered and sculpted to match the shape and size of the adjacent tooth.

How can I stop grinding from enlarging my front teeth?

Wearing a custom nightguard prevents grinding from gradually enlarging your front teeth. The guard protects the teeth at night and keeps them from being worn down unevenly so they remain proportional.

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