If you are living with mass tooth loss, chances are you’re looking for a tooth replacement treatment that can restore your bite and complete your smile.

The most common treatments offered are dental implants or removable dentures.

But which is the right option for you?

Read our series of scenarios below and see which sounds most like you – it may well help you decide if dental implants or dentures are the smile-restoring solutions you are yearning for.

Scenario 1: Megan

Scenario 1: Megan

Megan wants a straight, even, complete smile that looks natural, but she does a lot of public speaking at her busy corporate job, so can’t struggle with slippage or movement.

She has a reasonable amount of savings and a good credit score, so she has the means to pay for her new smile but is looking for a long-lasting investment that she won’t need to replace for a number of years.

Megan is young and enjoys socialising and travel, but often books last-minute deals with minimal baggage, meaning that she has to travel light and wants to be able to keep her smile looking good with minimum fuss and embarrassment.

For these reasons, Megan’s best option is dental implants, because of the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance – Dental implants are fitted securely to the jawbone, meaning they can be cleaned just like natural teeth and don’t require the use of extra adhesives to keep them in place.
  • Permanent – As she needs to be able to speak and present with confidence, Megan needs the certainty that her teeth won’t move or slip while she is working.
  • Teeth in a day – With time pressure from her job and thriving social life and travels, Megan would prefer an option that can restore her smile in a single day: an option that smile-in-a-day dental implants provide.
  • A healthy budget – With savings or the means to pay for her smile on credit, Megan can afford to pay for her dental implants, as they are not usually available on the NHS.
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Scenario 2: Phil

Scenario 2 Phil

Phil is retired and spends his days pottering in the garden and chatting with the staff at his local shop.

He wants to restore his smile for a series of upcoming family events where he will have his picture taken but as a rule, doesn’t socialise much and prefers relaxing at home.

He has the patience and time to learn how to care for his new teeth and isn’t put off by regular maintenance.

Phil is after a more economical investment (that can potentially be available on the NHS in some cases), as he is looking to pay with either his pension or modest savings and is keen to avoid taking out credit if he can.

For these reasons, Phil’s best option is removable dentures, because of the following benefits:

  • Time for maintenance – Unlike Megan who is busy, Phil has the time to clean his dentures thoroughly daily and apply the adhesives to keep them in place.
  • More economical – Removable dentures are a more economical option that allows Phil to restore his smile without paying for permanence that he doesn’t need.
  • A complete smile with no healing process – Thanks to a simple fitting process and no procedure or surgery, Phil gains a smile without having to allow for treatment or healing time and multiple, intensive appointments.

Dental implants top tip!

Don’t forget, you can easily make dentures a permanent option, simply by adding dental implants in London. This process secures the denture in place with between 2-4 implants, giving slip-free security with the economy of dentures.

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Choose bespoke treatment for mass tooth loss

Whether you’ve already decided which option is best for you, or you are starting from scratch and could use some advice, experienced, patient-led treatment will help you make the right choice for you and restore a stunning, even smile.

To find these providers, don’t be afraid to give them a call and chat to their team on the phone – the service you receive from the outset should give you a good indication of their bedside manner.

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