Sometimes dreams are magical and obviously fantastical, allowing you to easily separate them from reality. Other times, the dreams are a bit too real, and involve everyday horrors. Like dreaming your teeth are falling out.

Dream interpretations rely heavily on the individual, but dreams about losing your teeth usually revolve around personal stress and insecurity, concerns about your well-being, and communication.

You may already have a good idea of what your subconscious is trying to tell you, or you may need a push in the right direction. Either way, this list of potential dream meanings should give you insight on your unconscious mind.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Teeth Falling Out?

Dreams of teeth falling out are usually negative, as you might expect, and this stems from the negative connotation in our waking life. Unless you’re a child losing their baby teeth, there’s not a good reason your teeth fall out.

Teeth dreams usually revolve around:

  • Worries and self-esteem
  • Feelings of stability in your real life
  • Your ability to communicate or your communication habits

Like any common dream, they can also signal a more literal issue in your life. Because there is such a wide range of interpretations, it’s important you take time to reflect, evaluate your own life, and move forward with what resonates.

1. You’re Dealing with a High Level of Anxiety or Stress

You’re Dealing with a High Level of Anxiety or Stress

There are plenty of things that can trigger strong negative emotions in life, but we expect losing teeth (especially unexpectedly) is somewhere at the top of your list; you just may not know it yet.

It’s also likely that your daily stress is triggering actual dental irritation that is transferring over to your dreams. Psychological distress leads to heightened cortisol and adrenaline levels, causing you to tense up and contributing to dental health issues like bruxism and TMJ.

Your body may simply be dragging these details into your dreams, or it may be using the nightmare scenario to channel some of your waking anxiety. Either way, the tooth tension is unlikely to disappear until you deal with the root of this stress.

2. You Feel Insecure

Like it or not, your mental health and self-image is tied up in your appearance. Even the most confident person in the world understands that something as small as tooth loss can take a toll on you, and this insecurity may show up in your dreams.

Even if you’re in great dental health, dreaming about your teeth falling out really grabs your attention. Your face is a major focal point when interacting with others, and any deviation from “proper health” can really impact your social confidence.

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The insecurity doesn’t need to stem from a physical feature, either. Feelings of insecurity can stem from relationships, responsibilities, or even depression.

You may already know what’s triggering this “down” feeling, or you may need to reflect on areas in which you feel inadequate. To address the issue, you will either need to grow your capabilities or your confidence.

3. You’re Concerned About Your Finances or Career

Similar to emotional and social insecurity, a dream about teeth falling out can signify concerns you have about your financial situation or your career. This goes hand-in-hand with anxiety, but is unique to a narrow field of your life.

Even if nothing comes of it, worrying about financial problems can wreck your sleep quality. Finances are one of the leading causes of stress, and the worry contributes to symptoms like teeth tension and jaw pain.

Even if money isn’t an issue, your current career path (or lack of direction) can cause a hollow feeling in your soul. You may feel like you’ve wasted your youth in your current position, or that you’re stuck here for the rest of your life as your vitality decays (hence the teeth falling out).

When these are the issues that plague your waking life, you should spend time planning your future moves. If finances are tight, double down on a budget and find a way to cushion your spending. If your career is the issue, find areas where you can grow and don’t be afraid to deviate from the safe path.

4. You’re Working Through Emotional Pain or Trauma (Usually Betrayal)

Immense emotional pain from deep personal loss or sudden trauma can trigger graphic dreams, usually revolving around loss of vital parts of your body. Your teeth may seem insignificant compared to vital organs, but losing them only means losing a major part of yourself without the relief of death.

If you consider that interpretations of dreams of losing teeth often revolve around self esteem and communication, it makes sense for this theme to pop up following a major betrayal.

While there’s no physical harm done, you’re left feeling raw and exposed to the world. You don’t know who you can trust or open up to, and every breath you take is rooted in instability.

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There is no quick fix to this issue. In most cases, you need to pull back to repair the hurt inside first. It’s only after you mend your soul and view the situation objectively that you can reaffirm your faith in others.

5. There is a Disconnect in Your Communication Channel

There is a Disconnect in Your Communication Channel

Your teeth and mouth are commonly associated with your ability to communicate, so it makes sense that dreams with your teeth falling out warn of an issue in your communication.

These dreams include some key details on the specific situation they’re addressing. Usually, you’ll be speaking to someone else (or a group of people) that you’re attempting to communicate with in real life.

Consider your emotions in the dream. Are you angry or sad? How does the person that you’re talking to seem to feel about the scenario?

You may need to change your approach to the interaction. Sometimes this means choosing your words more carefully or planning your talking points ahead of time. Other times, it means you need to listen more than you need to speak.

Dreaming about your teeth falling out can also highlight your own difficulty or anxiety surrounding public speaking settings or speaking intimately. If this is you, try to plan ahead as much as possible (and even practice) to alleviate some of this stress.

6. You Need to Let Go of Something or Compromise

Dreams that involve, especially those to the point of deteriorating health, can symbolize you holding on to something that doesn’t serve you or even brings you harm.

This can be something easily identified, like a bad habit (i.e. smoking, drinking, poor diet, social media, etc.) but dreams usually implore you to dig deeper and reflect on your life.

Often, a dream about losing your teeth may m0ean there’s some insubstantial thing that you’re not budging on that is causing your harm. You might be in a lockdown about a decision with someone else, or you may be holding onto a toxic relationship.

Sometimes we’re keen on staying in this spot, regardless of how sick it makes us feel or how tightly we grind our teeth. Your teeth may not be falling out in real life, but your subconscious is making a point to show you this error in a strong way.

Make sure that the things you hold on to are working to serve you, and make sure you consider compromise. Not everything needs to be tight in your control, and the chokehold you have on your life may only bring you stress while it shrivels up in your hands.

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7. You’re Concerned About Your Health or Aging

Teeth are something that we associate with vitality, and this symbol branches over into our opinions about age. Usually, teeth will only fall out if there’s something going on with your dental health or once you reach a certain age.

Whether you’re a fresh or seasoned adult, you probably have your concerns in both of these areas. The reality behind aging differs from person to person, so there’s no rigid explanation on how it will manifest for you.

Maybe your health is already less-than-ideal, or maybe someone around you is dealing with some major issues of their own. This dream can show up with sudden milestones, like a birthday, but it’s also common following a death or a funeral.

Take the time to address your own concerns about your health. Make an appointment with your doctor, dentist, or even your therapist, and listen to your body. A dream about your teeth falling out may be a warning that your own health, especially your oral health, is taking a negative turn.


A dream about losing your teeth is surely a shock, but it’s meant to jump start action. If this is something that really sticks to your mind, you should reflect on what might be bringing you down and your recent (or future) communication.

Dreams about teeth falling out are usually negative, but don’t be alarmed if your dream carries a positive meaning like growth or change. Sometimes we shed things we’re attached to or things that seem vital to make room for better things.

If this symbol keeps showing up in your dreams and you can’t figure out why, feel free to share the details. Only you know what’s happening inside, but third-party insight can lead you to revelations waiting in your blind spots.

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