• Prevent & End Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay is caused by a bacterial infection called "caries." It is the most common chronic disease of early childhood.

  • Coverage, Access & Financing

    For many, dental coverage is an important gateway to dental care. But even families with coverage may face barriers around affordability and access.

  • Medicaid & CHIP

    Medicaid and CHIP—the Children's Health Insurance Program—provide dental benefits to 43 million children from economically vulnerable families. These kids are most likely to have tooth decay.

  • Affordable Care Act

    In a historic achievement, oral health care for children and teens is one of "10 essential health benefits" in the Affordable Care Act. CDHP tracks and explains this new benefit.

  • Parents & Families

    Children live in families. When their families are confronted by economic instability, poor housing and other challenges, it becomes harder for children to maintain good oral health. And the opposite is true: oral health can affect a family's stability and success. CDHP is exploring family-centered strategies to improve oral health.

  • Pregnant Women

    A pregnant woman with untreated dental issues can pass decay-causing bacteria to her child. See what's being done to strengthen dental care during pregnancy.

  • Effective Tools for States

    CDHP develops resources to help state officials, oral health programs, and advocates build capacity and better focus resources on effective strategies to end dental disease in children and families.

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