Taking care of teeth and gums is extremely important, especially in the case of children. Notably, children of all ages can end up having gum problems and cavities. This makes regularly visiting a dentist necessary despite brushing and flossing. But, the increasing cost of dental care is concerning. To avoid out-of-pocket expenses, it is necessary to buy Health Insurance that covers dental care for children. Read ahead to know more about dental insurance for children in India.

Dental Insurance in India

The Rising Cost of Children's Dental Care

In India, many Health Insurance plans cover medical procedures for dental problems. As dental insurance is not the standard coverage available under Health Insurance, it is vital to verify its inclusion while making the decision to buy or renew the policy. It is to be noted that in most cases dental insurance comes with the clause of waiting period, which means the policyholder is required to wait for a certain period before making any related claims. In many cases, dental insurance also comes with an upper limit beyond which the policyholder needs to pay out of his/her pocket.

Besides, dental insurance does not cover cosmetic treatments that include dentures, implants, jaw alignment and prostheses. However, it can offer financial assistance in case of expensive check-ups and treatments, covering the cost of X-rays, preventive care, cleaning, and emergency and fluoride treatments.

Eligibility for dental coverage under Health Insurance depends on the type of policy chosen. Most of the individual plans cover people in the age group of 18 to 65, while many family Health Insurance plans let the policyholder include a child when he/she gets 90 days old.

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Getting Dental Insurance for Children

If you are considering getting dental insurance for your baby, then go for it before your toddler’s first tooth grows in and there’s a need to visit a dentist. This will not only help monitor the baby’s mouth as teeth grow, but also identify the earliest signs of any dental problem that needs immediate attention. Above all, having dental coverage under Health Insurance offers the much-needed peace of mind to the policyholder.

Benefits of Dental Insurance

Getting Dental Insurance for Children

In India, most of the Dental Insurance plans offer the following benefits:

  • Dental care can be expensive in some cases, especially when the condition is severe and the treatment is complex. For such cases, dental coverage under Health Insurance plans offers timely financial support easing the burden of settling the medical bill.
  • Having dental coverage encourages people to regularly visit a dentist and not when it is inevitable. Notably, regular dental check-ups ensure optimal dental health.
  • When covered by dental insurance, you need not worry about expensive treatment and stay peacefully.

Things to Know about Dental Cover in India

Here are the must-know things about dental coverage:

  • Generally, dental insurance is offered under OPD cover.  You can pick dental cover as an add-on against a nominal amount.
  • Just like Health Insurance, dental coverage policies also allow cashless treatment at network hospitals or you can pay first and the expenses can be reimbursed later.
  • For claim settlement, hospital bills, the duly-filled claims form, and the identification card will be required.


There is no doubt that dental insurance offers the much-needed relief in the form of financial assistance during treatment, which may involve expensive procedures. As an incentive, some policies also encourage regular dental check-ups so that any problem can be treated promptly at an early stage. Moreover, knowing that you don’t have to handle dental expenses brings in peace of mind.

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In order to find dental coverage as per your needs and requirements, reach out to ACKO and learn about Health Insurance plans and riders (add-ons) offered. Also, you can use the ACKO online premium calculator that lets you compare different plans.

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