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The 2009 reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPRA) specifically addressed the oral health of children. CHIPRA’s dental provisions established a new and comprehensive approach to oral health for beneficiaries by providing a dental benefit, public information about available providers, increased accountability, among others.

In addition, CHIPRA added the ability for states with separate CHIP plans to provide supplemental dental coverage to children that would otherwise be eligible for CHIP, but for their private medical coverage disqualified them from any CHIP coverage prior to the new CHIPRA law. This new child-only supplemental dental coverage allows families to maintain their private/employer-sponsored health insurance (that may have limited or no dental coverage) to enroll in CHIP supplemental dental coverage. The above attached PDF provides a framework for thinking through the options and requirements of the child-only supplemental dental coverage.

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children ages 6-12 suffered a toothache in the previous six months.
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