How We Work

Never heard of the Children’s Dental Health Project? That's okay. CDHP is focused on health policies and systems—and changes that can have the greatest impact on children's health.

We bring together people from diverse fields, political parties and organizations to develop smarter strategies so that America’s children—especially the economically vulnerable—achieve optimal health. That way, every child can reach his or her potential.

Here's how we work.

  • CDHP regularly briefs policymakers, oral health coalitions and journalists on the dental care provisions in the Affordable Care Act. We are recognized as the “go to” source for accurate, unbiased information.

  • CDHP monitors how Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program and state insurance exchanges are working, and we offer guidance on the cost-effective ways in which states can strengthen the positive impact of these programs.

  • CDHP advises and strengthens the work of state oral health coalitions—made up of dental professionals, advocates, parents and others who want to improve kids’ dental health. We manage web-based tools allowing coalitions to examine—and learn from—strategies other states are using to address dental disease.

  • CDHP focuses most of its work around prevention—the best way to minimize the pain and cost of tooth decay among children. We helped develop a research model that enables policymakers to better understand how various prevention strategies will reduce the cost and incidence of decay.

In March 2016, the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) presented CDHP with the William J. Gies Award for Vision, Innovation and Achievement. ADEA produced this video to explain why CDHP was honored.

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