• Prevent & End Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay is caused by a bacterial infection called "caries." It is the most common chronic disease of early childhood.

  • Coverage, Access & Financing

    For many, dental coverage is an important gateway to dental care. But even families with coverage may face barriers around affordability and access.

  • Medicaid & CHIP

    Medicaid and CHIP—the Children's Health Insurance Program—provide dental benefits to 43 million children from economically vulnerable families. These kids are most likely to have tooth decay.

  • Affordable Care Act

    In a historic achievement, oral health care for children and teens is one of "10 essential health benefits" in the Affordable Care Act. CDHP tracks and explains this new benefit.

  • Pregnant Women

    A pregnant woman with untreated dental issues can pass decay-causing bacteria to her child. See what's being done to strengthen dental care during pregnancy.

  • Effective Tools for States

    Through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDHP develops tools, resources and training to help state oral health programs build capacity and infrastructure.

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