Improving the Oral Health of Pregnant Women and Young Children

The foundation for good oral health is established early in childhood and the role of the mother is significant even prior to conception. Most women, however, are unaware of the potential consequences neglecting their own oral health could have on them and their baby prior to, during, and after pregnancy. Although dental care during pregnancy is both safe and can prevent long-term health problems for both mother and child, an overwhelming number of women do not seek dental care during pregnancy. The issue is compounded by the fact that many dentists are reluctanat or refuse to see pregnant patients. Despite these barriers, there have been efforts during the past decade to move both patients and providers toward a better understandingn of the importance and safety of oral health care prior to, during and after pregnancy.

 To read this report in its entirety, please download the above attached PDF.

This brief was produced jointly by the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Policy Center, AMCHP, ASTDD, March of Dimes, and the Washington Dental Service Foundation.

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