Broadening the Base: A Colorado Oral Health Multicultural Demonstration Project

The “Broadening the Base” Workshop held in Denver, Colorado on December 4, 2009 effectively generated new multicultural participation in Colorado’s oral health coalition while also creating measurable objectives, such as a framework to build recommendations for a forthcoming state oral health summit. Equally important, however, is the process of open and intensive discussion about disparities in oral health status by and with those who represent the communities of interest. MOHA sought to work with Colorado’s coalition not to direct, but rather to help in bringing individuals to the table and to facilitate communication on issues related to disparities in oral health status. With Colorado’s strong state oral health program, the coalition, and office of health disparities, the state is particularly well positioned to effectively move forward. Recent funding from HRSA for MOHA will enable our organization to leverage CDC resources to date and to strategize on efforts to benefit multiple states and to build upon our growing experience. The above attached document is a summary of the Pilot Workshop.

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Children with poor oral health were nearly 3x more likely to miss school due to dental pain.
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