A Roadmap for Implementation - Part II: Dental Care Provisions in Health Reform

This brief addresses the many ways that the ACA seeks to improve dental care as a key approach to improving oral health. It clarifies why dental care and dental coverage are important, how Medicaid, CHIPRA, and ACA work together to provide extensive dental coverage for children (but not for adults), and how ACA improves workforce and training, expands the safety net, addresses payment issues for providers, and supports dental public health activities in the states.

In addition to access to dental care, oral health is obtained and maintained through positive health behaviors, favorable genetics, and a salutary environment that includes fluoridation and support of healthful eating. These components are thoroughly explored in a companion document, A Roadmap for Implementation, Part I: Oral Health Provisions in Health Reform. That document clarifies the underlying oral health issues that ACA addresses and puts many of the dental provisions within the contexts of a public information campaign and integration of oral health into other health promotion activities, advancement of science-based prevention, workforce enhancements including alternative providers who supervise disease management and care coordination, dental sealants, and oral health surveillance.

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