Children's Oral Health in the Health Home (Trendnotes Issue No. 4)

TrendNotes, published semi-annually by The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Policy Center, is designed to highlight emerging trends in children’s oral health and promote policies and programmatic solutions that are grounded in evidence-based research and practice. It focuses policymakers’ attention on the trends, opportunities, and options to improve oral health for all children at a lower cost through the best use of prevention, disease management, care coordination, and maximized resources.

This issue of TRENDNOTES discusses the overall importance of a patient-centered health home that includes medical, dental, and mental health care to improving children’s health and explores key considerations related to integrating dental care with medical care. Additionally, it discusses federal opportunities, particularly those under ACA, to promoting a health home for children and their families.

To access this report in its entirety, please download the above PDF or click here.

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