Children's Oral Health Continues to Gain National Attention

As you know, CDHP has raised concerns about the interpretation of rules affecting pediatric dental benefits in the Affordable Care Act.

That message is catching fire. In the last week:

  • Nine Senators signed a letter (PDF linked above) reminding federal rule-makers that separate out-of-pocket costs for pediatric dental benefits violate the ACA's intent, and "make those benefits unattainable for families."
  • The Baltimore Sun reported advocates fear that rules "could make it more expensive for some low- and middle-income parents to pay for dental insurance for their children once the new health care law takes effect next year."

On Friday night, the Senate passed a deficit-neutral amendment (amendment summary linked above) aimed at improving dental care for children on Medicaid, offered by Sen. Ben Cardin and Sen. Martin Heinrich. The nonbinding amendment to the budget resolution affirms the creation of legislation that would expand oral health education and preventive dental care.

We estimate that affordable pediatric dental benefits could mean insurance coverage for 4-5 million more kids in 2014. CDHP and our partners will continue to mobilize support for affordable care. Thanks for your support.

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