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State oral health programs have great leaders, great responsibilities, and often too few resources. Our tools are meant to help.

CDHP develops resources to help state officials, oral health programs, and advocates build capacity and better focus resources on effective strategies to end dental disease in children and families. Our reports, briefs, and other materials can support leaders in improving policy and programs.

Previously, through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDHP developed scientifically grounded tools, resources and training to support state oral health programs as they build capacity and infrastructure. Past tools include: 

Fluoride Legislative User Information Database (fluidlaw.org), the community water fluoridation legal database

Policy ConsensusTool, a facilitated process for stakeholder input and strategic planning

Comparison Tools, which serve as sharing and learning modules for:

  • State Oral Health Plans
  • State Oral Health Coalitions

Oral health literacy quizzes, to help connect the dots between oral and physical health

Research projects, including:

  • a simulation model for comparing possible public health outcomes and savings from childhood caries interventions.
  • a survey and deep analysis of school sealant programs, which are a proven tool for reaching high-need kids and the most cavity-prone teeth

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of American Indian/Alaskan Native children have experienced caries by age 5.
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