New video: Launching families toward their dreams

By the CDHP team

In our new, 50-second video, executive director Meg Booth explains what drives us at the Children’s Dental Health Project: Helping every family achieve their dreams, without dental disease holding them back. Watch the video here:

From harming a child’s school success to impeding a parent’s employment opportunities, data shows that poor oral health can be a destabilizing force. It can risk a family's health, well-being, and economic security. Further, given disparities driven by systemic inequities, the far-reaching consequences of dental disease fall harder on some families more than others. 

We can build a future where no family is held back from their dreams because of dental disease.

Another hurdle that can throw a child’s and family’s dreams off track is lacking medical and dental coverage. When parents have coverage, kids are more likely to have their health care needs met and their families are more financially secure. Yet today, policymakers continue to threaten crucial coverage programs like Medicaid, placing many struggling families at risk of losing access. While coverage alone isn’t the key to better oral health, it’s an important piece of the puzzle. CDHP will continue to defend these programs and explore strategies to expand coverage for all families.

With your support, CDHP can build a future where no family is held back from their dreams because of dental disease. Thank you for partnering with us to make it possible for all families to dream big and achieve, without this chronic condition standing in their way.

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