Creating PSAs to support families' efforts at home

By: Meg Booth

When it comes to helping children maintain good oral health, so much of the dialogue revolves around their coverage status, utilization rates and other data points. What tends to get overlooked is a simple fact: kids are part of a unit called a family — and the activities and choices of that family are the foundation of oral health. The Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP) is pleased to join UnitedHealthcare in releasing radio and TV public service announcements (PSAs) helping parents and caregivers recognize the steps they can take to keep their kids healthy.

Educating a consumer audience is not typically a role that CDHP takes on. But we recognize the need to engage families, meet them where they are and talk to them in a respectful way. These PSAs were developed with a recognition that parenting can be overwhelming at times but that small everyday actions can make a dramatic impact on the oral health of everyone in the family. The PSAs will be distributed to radio, broadcast and online media outlets across the country. Both the 30-second and 60-second PSAs can be viewed on CDHP’s YouTube channel.

We recognize the need to engage families, meet them where they are and talk to them in a respectful way.

Although tooth decay is preventable, recent U.S. data show that 1 in 6 preschool-age children has experienced at least one cavity. Because tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease for children and teens, it’s crucial to share tips that support parents’ efforts at home to help keep their kids cavity-free. Each PSA features helpful tips for parents from CDHP Executive Director Meg Booth.

For more information, our PSAs direct parents and caregivers to CDHP’s website, offering videos, fact sheets and other helpful resources for educating families and policymakers.

CDHP is always fighting for payment policies and systems that work for families, but sometimes we need to refocus and just support families. We know families value the oral health of their children. And we are grateful for our partnership with UnitedHealthcare, giving us this opportunity to reach parents and support everyday strategies to keep their families healthy.

For more information, see CDHP’s news release about the PSAs.

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