No need for alarm (Colin is staying)

By the CDHP team

When the Children’s Dental Health Project recently released a job posting for a policy analyst, a flurry of emails arrived in my in-box. “Is Colin leaving CDHP?” one of them asked. “Is this Colin’s position!?” inquired another. I was happy to ease their fears — Colin Reusch, our senior policy analyst, is not leaving. He remains an indispensable member of the CDHP team. In fact, we aren’t the only ones who see his superstar qualities.

Later this week, his alma mater will honor the major contributions Colin has made to enhancing the understanding of how policies shape children’s oral health.

This Friday, Colin will be one of four Eastern Kentucky University graduates receiving the institution’s Young Alumni Award. We’re very proud of him, and we know that many of his friends and colleagues who work in the oral health and children’s health policy arenas share our pride.

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