More than "hope and a prayer"

By the CDHP team

On Tuesday, National Public Radio reported on the "family affordability glitch." It means many Americans cannot get a subsidy for family health care coverage on the state marketplaces if their employer offers them a health plan, even if that plan really isn't affordable. 

For the Shugarts, a Kansas family, this glitch explains why dad has coverage through work, but mom is uninsured  and the children have insurance through a "state plan."

"That's how we've lived for the last eight years," Suzanne Shugart told NPR, adding that she lives "on hope and a prayer that nothing bad will happen."

Here's a guess: Ms. Shugart's children are covered through the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which is mostly funded by the federal government. CHIP's federal funding expires next September. If Congress doesn't renew CHIP funding, affordable dental and medical coverage for her children could end. 

As the Children's Dental Health Project has reported, the family glitch means that roughly 2 million children could lose their dental coverage unless CHIP funding is extended. Today, a U.S. Senate subcommittee is holding a hearing on the CHIP program. Parents, community leaders and public health advocates should make their voices heard on this important issue. (Learn more about CHIP here.) 

Help spread the word. Let's not leave any child's health to "hope and a prayer."

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