Breaking the ice: Try our oral health quizzes

By the CDHP team

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew about the importance of oral health?

With support from the CDC, the Children’s Dental Health Project has developed three Oral Health Icebreaker Quizzes that you can use at gatherings of any size. Designed as a fun icebreaker activity to promote oral health awareness, all quiz questions are easy to understand and reflect scientific evidence. The quizzes have been tested in a few states and wording was reviewed by health literacy experts.

 There are three quiz versions tailored for your organizational needs:

1. Quiz for Parents/Caregivers & Educators

2. Quiz for Oral Health Communities (which can prompt a discussion about how we communicate with the public)

3. Quiz for Chronic Disease/Other Health Communities

The beauty of these quizzes is that they are 100% customizable. You can add your logo at the top of the page, reduce the number of questions, or re-order them. These quizzes can be taken several ways: (a) individually by each person, (b) in small groups to encourage collaboration, or (c) by one in large group to spark discussion. See our quiz administrator’s guide for additional tips.

Whichever way your group decides to use these icebreakers is up to you – just have fun interacting with your colleagues about oral health.

Here’s to breaking the ice!


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