CDHP and Families USA create guide for parents

By the CDHP team

The Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP) and Families USA have co-released a new consumer guide to help families explore options for children’s dental coverage on the new health insurance marketplaces. The guide explains how children’s dental coverage is offered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), how coverage differs across states and insurance plans, and the factors families should consider when shopping for coverage.

Families are struggling to understand the complexities of insurance and how the new health law applies to them. Recent research from the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center shows that, among consumers most likely to enroll in marketplace coverage, only about 40% are confident in their understanding of basic insurance concepts. Consumers eligible for federal subsidies to help them purchase coverage are even less likely to understand how their coverage works.

As an organization dedicated to the importance of oral health to overall health, CDHP has been working to clarify the complexities associated with the ACA's children's dental benefits. Our own survey research finds that many Americans are unaware that dental coverage for children is part of the law’s essential health benefits.

As state and federal efforts continue to educate consumers about how to purchase coverage on the new marketplaces, we hope this consumer guide will serve as a useful tool for families seeking affordable dental coverage for their children.

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Children with poor oral health were nearly 3x more likely to miss school due to dental pain.
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