Teeth matter ... even baby teeth

By the CDHP team

TeethFirst! is an initiative launched by a diverse coalition of health and children's organizations in Rhode Island, seeking to raise the awareness of parents and others in the community about the importance of a baby’s first teeth. For example, some parents may not know that their children need to visit the dentist by their 1st birthday; TeethFirst! is spreading the word and promoting better understanding of oral health. And the site's resources are also available in Spanish.

TeethFirst! is user-friendly and packed with good resources and useful information. For example, this web page offers tips for how women can keep their mouths healthy during pregnancy. Another page at TeethFirst! provides guidance for parents on finding a dentist and understanding their options for dental coverage. This page offers suggestions for how community organizations can have positive conversations with parents about the importance of oral health.

TeethFirst! has strategically sectioned their site into four areas: a section for parents, one for dental providers, another for healthcare providers, and a section specifically for community organizations.  So whether you’re a new mom-to-be, a pediatrician, a civic leader or a preschool teacher’s aide, TeethFirst! has helpful resources.




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Teeth Matter

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