Dental premiums differ widely in states

By the CDHP team has made available health and dental plan information for states where the federal government is managing the new health insurance marketplaces. CDHP averaged the premium rates for the low and high option stand-alone pediatric dental products in each state, revealing that premiums vary widely from state to state.

West Virginia currently has the lowest rates, with low-cost plans (70% actuarial value) averaging less than $15 per child per month and high-cost plans (85% actuarial value) averaging just over $18. Wyoming has the highest rates with low-cost plans averaging nearly $44 per child per month and high-cost plans averaging almost $53. There is a big premium gap between the states of North Dakota and South Dakota. (See the article written about it by a South Dakota newspaper.)

*Note: Data on high-cost plans in Alaska was not available. 

Health plans in some of these marketplaces may include pediatric dental coverage as part of the medical insurance product but that cost data is not yet readily available. Stay tuned for further analysis from CDHP as ACA enrollment continues, including comparisons of rates in the state-based marketplaces. 

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